Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kulamavu
KULAMAVU, IDUKKI,KERALA - 685601, PHONE: 04862259916
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Medium Of Instruction

In view of the (act that most of the students admitted were taught earlier through the medium of the mother-tongue/regional language, instruction is provided through the same medium upto Class VIII during which time intensive teaching of Hindi & English both as language subjects and co-media are undertaken through skilful use of the media and modern techniques of teaching languages, so that switch over to Hindi/English after Class VII or VIII presents no difficulty. Thereafter the common medium in all Navodaya Vidyalayas is Hindi for Social Studies and Humanities and English for Mathematics and Science.

Three Language Formula

The Scheme of Navodaya Vidyalayas provides for implementation of the Three Language Formula.The third language taught in Hindi speaking districts is linked with the migration of Students. In the Hindi speaking districts, the third language taught in a Navodaya Vidyalaya is the language of the 30% students migrating to that Vidyalaya from non-Hindi regions. This language is compulsory for all. In the non-Hindi regions, Navodaya Vidyalayas follow the normal Three Language Formula i.e. regional language, Hindi and English.

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation

Education is a unique investment and accountability is possible only through a well planned mechanism of assessment with reference to its objectives. Examination in 'its traditional sense has failed to achieve the objectives of education. Introduction of the Scheme of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation is, therefore, the only alternative to de-emphasis the system of external examinations. The Scheme has been introduced effectively in all the JNVs since 1989-90 with the following objectives :

  • To make evaluation an integral part of teaching learning process.
  • To use evaluation for improvement of students achievement and teaching learning strategies on the basis of regular diagnosis followed by remedial instructions.
  • To make a sound judgment and to plan timely strategies on the basis of regular diagnosis followed by the remedial instructions.
  • To facilitate sound judgment and to take timely decisions about the learner, learning process and the learning environment.
  • To maintain desired standard for performance using evaluation as a quality control device.
  • To provide scope for self-evaluation by teachers and students. Special training has been provided to the Principals and teachers to ensure maintenance of CCE records in proper order.

Computer Education Programme

JNV Idukki has a very good Computer lab with full time internet facility. Almost all teachers are trained from reputed computer companies such as INTEL, MICROSOFT etc. They are providing education through computer effectivly to the children.


Clubs Established

  • Science club
  • English club
  • Library club
  • Music club
  • Sports club
  • Mathematics club
  • Music club
  • Art club
  • Hindi club

C.C.A Competitions

Various Competitions in Arts, Music, Culture, G.K and Sports are organized in the Vidyalaya to develop the all round development of the children. Public participation in donating prizes for competitions are arranged.

Sports and Games

Games and Sports are encouraged in the JNVs to develop fitness, physical and neuro-muscular skills and promote the spirits of co-operation and sportsmanship. Vidyalayas organize National Sports Meets to identify talented children in sports. Specialised sports like archery, Judo and Gymnastics are encouraged in some of the JNVs situated in tribal areas in the country.

Scout,Guides, and NCC

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti is recognised as a State for Scouting and Guiding activities by the Bharat Scouts and Guides. Navodaya students regularly and actively participate in various programmes of BSG. NCC is being introduced in JNVs in a phased manner. Samiti had a total cadet strength of 9420 during 2003-2004. As part of NCC training, students of the JNVs attended several camps and excelled themselves.


Keeping in view to inculcate general talents in music one Music Department is functioning in this Vidyalaya under the guidance of a music teacher. In addition to the regular classes, competitions are conducted to enhance the all round development in the field of music, dance, drama, literary programmes etc. The talented students are given training in instrumental music and dance.

Pace Setting Activities

Navodaya Vidyalaya Scheme envisages a specific pace-setting role to Navodaya Vidyalayas play to achieve high levels of excellences through quality of academic results, communicative and linguistic ability of the children, competitive spirit and capability, innovative learning practices, developing correct attitudes and values that help children to groom themselves to become useful, active and patriotic citizens of the country. While achieving these goals, adequate care is taken to ensure that the children keep their linkages with the local community around them and contribute their help for furthering these values in the neighbourhood and community. Navodaya Vidyalayas are also undertaking several community programmes, like eradication of illiteracy, adoption of villages for awareness programme of health, malnutrition, HIV AIDS etc. etc..

New initiatives

  • More JNVs are being covered under VSAT connectivity
  • selected number of JNVs are covered under EDUSAT connectivity
  • Each of JNV is to ensure to have minimum 20 number of computers